[[en]]Free Showcase Festival [[nl]]Gratis Showcasefestival

[[en]]Ghent [[nl]]Gent

[[en]]4&5 October [[nl]]4&5 oktober


SA - 23:20

you might find yourself at Dante's inferno though you're at a gig
you might not feel at ease
you might smile from ear to ear
you might hear a dis-chord
you might feel something you like
you might see 4 figures cut some sort of a figure, go figure
you might love
you might hate

Elefant does not live in boxes
cardboard and the like.
Elefant wanders the earth
looking for space

[[nl]]Maar voor je gaat kotsen van zo'n arty farty shit: terwijl Elefant in het nabije verleden enkele EP's, singles en remixes uitbracht, verscheen in 2018 hun heerlijk irritante full length "Konark Und Bonark". (9000 Records/Consouling Sounds). In 2020 verschijnt hun tweede album.

[[en]]You might vomit upon such arty farty shit, so let's cut to the chase: While Elefant released some EP's, singles and remixes in the near past, 2018 was the time for their deliciously obnoxious full length "Konark Und Bonark". (9000 Records/ Consouling Sounds).
And 2020 will see the release of their sophomore album.


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